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Accounting software is pretty easy to find, there are lots of options out there. That being said in many cases the software that you can find is not going to be all that useful for your needs. That is why we have started a business that designs custom financial software for small businesses; there is a huge need for the service. A large number of small companies are finding that the software that is available off the shelf is not really all that appropriate for their needs.

The primary purpose of our business is to develop accounting software for small businesses. Given the number of off the shelf options that are available it may not seem like the most obvious business to be in. however there are a large number of small business owners who are dissatisfied with their accounting software. The main reason for this is that when most accounting software is designed it is designed to be sold to as many people as possible. That means that it needs to be very generic which unfortunately makes it of limited value to most users. Almost all small businesses will find that custom software will work better for them.

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financial software development

Obviously the cost of custom accounting software is going to be higher than it is for off the shelf software. However if you add up the cost of using software that is not as efficient as it should be you will find that you are usually much better of going with the custom solution. If you have to spend an extra hour a week doing your accounting the extra costs that come from that will soon offset the extra cost of using the less efficient software.

In order to design custom software for your business we are going to need to know a lot about your business. The only way that we can design software that will meet your needs will be if we know what those needs are. This is a critically important part of the design process and one that we take very seriously. If you aren't going to have your custom software designed so that it meets your needs there is little value to having custom software. At that point you might just as well go with the off the shelf stuff.

Once we know what your needs are the design process is fairly simple. We just find the way that is most efficient for you to enter and manipulate the data and then find the way that you want the data to be output. From this we can design a system that will be as efficient as possible and can provide you with all of the features that you need without being bogged down with ones that you don't. This will make the software a lot easier to use since you won't need to sort through a whole bunch of stuff that you don't need.

What clients said

  • “The people at Infocom are real professionals! The level of programming is top quality, they understand how to implement all our requirements quickly and efficiently. ” – Donny Janssens

  • “We are very pleased with the work that Burt Alberto from Infocom have done for us. They did hard work to meet our needs and have always been quick to adapt to any changes.”– Chandra Everbrook

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